Monday, June 27, 2011

Hey, Richard Simmons! Yoplait Thinks You're Fucking Tripping Balls On PCP.

Craving some key lime pie in the desert isle?

Well don't. Otherwise, you could face an unwelcome appearance from Richard Simmons, fucking tripping balls on PCP.

Apparently, the sensation of drowning is a major side effect of long-term PCP use. But, as long as it discourages you from even mentioning desert treats out loud, Yoplait is willing to inflict the damage on Richard Simmons' physical and mental health.

That's right, Yoplait is so tired of you being fat, Yoplait is going to pump Richard Simmons full of Angel Dust, and release him in your local supermarket. Yoplait thinks this is your fault.

Are you crying again? You know what Yoplait thinks about that.

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