Friday, July 8, 2011

Things That Work Better Than My Comcast DVR

-Communism, in both theory AND practice.
-The "rhythm method" in Irish-Catholic households.
-The "run-and-shoot" offense, in pee-wee football.
-Russian motorcycles.
-Jerry Lewis Holocaust movies.
-"Crossing the streams", in Ghostbusters.
-Actual magic, as opposed to illusions.
-Polish cavalry charges in World War II.
-A Nintendo cartridge, after blowing on it.
-The clear plastic audience-covers, at a Gallagher concert.
-Hockey in Atlanta.
-Art History degrees.
-Working on your novel while acting as a winter caretaker, in Stanley Kubrick movies.
-Mark Hamill's career, in roles not involving children's space fantasies.
-Army Corps of Engineers levies.
-Chevrolet Covairs


  1. Does that include Gallagher's brother, Ron Gallagher, who gives shows under the name "Gallagher Two"?